Dear Educators of Arts and Design, Dance, Drama and Music, dear Researchers of the culture of children and youth!

Five faculties of Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Hungary's oldest research university, launched a series of yearly arts education workshops in 2017. Now we continue this series and invite practitioners of all the art forms, active or interested in education, to meet in discipline based sessions and interdisciplinary workshops, exhibitions and extended poster sessions at the ELTE Workshop for Arts Education – EWAE 2018.

Each year, education through one of the art forms takes the lead, but all others are given equal attention; in 2018, our event focuses on music education and the research of creativity. The title of the former conference "New Landscapes in Science and Art" was taken from George Kepes (tutor of the German Bauhaus, the American New Bauhaus, and MIT). The Organization Committee wanted to maintain the continuity, so our new motto has been a modified version of this text: "Renewing Landscapes of the Science and Art".

Date: 25–26 May, 2018

ELTE University, Faculty of Humanities, H-1088 Budapest, Múzeum krt. 4.

Please join us for an interdisciplinary arts and science experience at a peer reviewed research conference!

Gábor BODNÁR, Workshop Chairperson,
Orsolya HEINZINGER, travel agent, Connections2000 Ltd.,

Closure of the Conference

Dear Participants, The 2nd ELTE Workshop for Arts Education is finished. Special thanks for all the contributors, see you again next year ... Read more

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Detailed program

Dear Participants, The Detailed program of the Conference is available on the webpage ... Read more

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Program overview

Dear Participants, ... Read more

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