Conference call

Five faculties of Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Hungary’s oldest and highly respected research university, launches a series of yearly arts education workshops and invites practitioners of all the art forms, active or interested in education, to meet in discipline based sessions and interdisciplinary workshops, and exhibitions of extended poster sessions.

Educators active in various art forms and genres have their own international events that are rarely visited by those who create and teach in other forms of art. This workshop offers a venue for creative encounters where educators of dance, drama, music and visual arts, as well as researchers of child and youth culture may meet, recognize common concerns and share research and good practice and develop cross-disciplinary creative or research projects.

Each year, education through one of the art forms takes the lead, but all others are given equal attention. In 2017, the Visual Culture Research Group of the Hungarian Academy of Science and ELTE organises the event that focuses on interrelationships of arts and science. George Kepes, painter, photographer, designer, educator, and art theorist, tutor of the German Bauhaus and the American New Bauhaus, founder of the   Center for Advanced Visual Studies at the  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), published a landmark book entitled “New Landscapes in Science and Art that presents in pictures the new visual world revealed by science and technology. His work is an inspiration for all the art forms.

Conference themes
  • iscipline-based, multi-, trans- and interdisciplinary educational methods that present an innovative educational approach for one or more art forms;
  • Research on the development of arts related skills and abilities;
  • Research on child and youth culture that promotes our understanding of the role of the arts in the life of 21th century children, adolescents and young people;


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